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Consumer Interest Forum (CIF)

Consumer Affairs The Consumer Interest Forum (CIF) works to facilitate the representation of consumer interests in voluntary standards and conformity assessment activities. It thereby enhances the effectiveness and credibility of the ANSI Federation as representative of all materially affected interests.

Consumers are defined as those individuals who use goods or services to satisfy their individual needs and desires, rather than to resell them or to produce other goods or services with them ("Consumers").

Consumer Interest Forum Overview

As a membership forum of ANSI, the functions of the Consumer Internet Forum, shall include but not be limited to, the following:

  • Provide a forum for discussion and networking by a defined member or interest category;
  • Provide a mechanism for “early warning” of relevant trends;
  • Address issues of interest primarily to their membership and galvanize implementation at their constituent level;
  • Identify broader-based issues and, where appropriate, recommend that they be addressed by the Executive Committee; and
  • Assume an active role in ANSI membership recruitment and retention.

The CIF is also the U.S. link to ISO COPOLCO (Consumer Policy Committee of the International Organization for Standardization). COPOLCO provides a forum for the exchange of information and experience on consumer participation in the international standardization work of ISO and, by liaison, in IEC (the International Electrotechnical Commission).

Members and Officers

Participation in the CIF is open to consumer representatives who are willing to actively participate in its work and who express an interest in membership. Membership in ANSI is not required.

CIF members shall be knowledgeable representatives from consumer organizations, producers, retailers, distributors, industry councils and government. The CIF will strive to maintain a reasonable balance among such groups. No more than one Consumer Interest Forum member may be employed by the same company, organization, department or agency.

For more information, contact the CIF Secretary.

Forum officers include:

CIF Chair

Linda Golodner
Consumer representative

CIF Secretary

Michaela Miller
Program Manager - Standards Facilitation

CIF Vice Chair

Kathleen Thuner
Consumer Representative

Organizational Structure

 Operating Procedures of the Consumer Interest Forum (CIF)

Meeting Calendar

 Schedule of upcoming meetings

[Note: Please enter either Consumer Interest Forum or CIF in the Key Word search field in the ANSI Online calendar of events]

The Consumer Interest Forum typically meets three times a year, including a meeting in the Spring to prepare for the COPOLCO plenary meeting, and in the Fall.

Document Library

The ANSI Consumer Interest Forum Document Library contains information available only to registered CIF members. It requires a username and password to use.

 More information about document access.

Membership in ANSI

If you are not already a member of ANSI, please visit:

 Benefits of ANSI membership.

 Obtain an ANSI membership application.

Staff Contact

Lisa Rajchel
ANSI Senior Director – Standards Facilitation
Tel: 212.642 4932
Fax: 212 840 2298

Michaela Miller
CIF Secretary
ANSI Program Manager, Standards Facilitation
Tel: 212 642 8934
Fax: 212 840 2298

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