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Standards are everywhere

ANSI is showing America’s future engineers how standards are all around them, helping everything work together – and work better!

Look around you: everywhere you turn – at home, school, in the city or the country, and everywhere in between – thousands of STANDARDS are there helping everything work! From tech gadgets to sports equipment to aerospace and environmental technologies, all innovation is shaped and guided by standards. They're developed by thousands of engineers and experts around the world to ensure the products, processes, and systems we rely on every day are safe, reliable, and efficient, and work effectively together.

The first step in getting our future standardization leaders involved in standards development activities is educating them about the importance of standards – from a young age.

The following resources are based on materials created for ANSI’s exhibits at the biennial USA Science Engineering Festival in Washington, DC. The documents are available for free download to help spread the word to students and educators about the critical role of standards in their everyday lives.

What is a standard, anyway?

Download Standards 101 flyer for a quick introduction.

Standards 101
Standards are everywhere

Standards are everywhere! Can you spot them?

This sharable slide show highlights many of the thousands of domestic and international standards developed by ANSI’s members, accredited standards developers, and partner organizations. Though hidden from sight in everyday life, standards are truly everywhere, working behind the scenes to assure that we can live, learn, play, and work safely and efficiently.

Download the slide show and take a look!

Standards 101 flyer

Infrastructure Standards

Train Station Postcard

High School

Space Center Postcard


House Postcard


Holiday Standards poster

Holiday Standards

Smart City Postcard

Smart City

Space Center Postcard

Space Center

Train Station Postcard

Train Station

Services Standards poster

Services Standards

Retail Services Standards flyer

Retail Services Standards

Standards in Your Locker coloring sheet

Standards in Your Locker coloring sheet

Sports Equipment Standards flyer

Sports Equipment Standards

Standards in Your Locker flyer

Standards in Your Locker

Electronics Standards flyer

Electronics Standards


Holiday Standards Videos

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For More Information is your premier online source for standards and conformity assessment education. Easy-to-use educational tools address the full range of standards activities, and the self-paced educational model allows you to learn at your own speed and convenience. All of the courses and resources are free and provided by ANSI as a public service.

The ANSI Committee on Education oversees all Institute initiatives related to standards and conformity assessment education and outreach. The committee is working with the entire standardization community to introduce the importance of standards to the academic community and the public.

ANSI’s University Outreach initiative promotes the incorporation of standards-related information into the curriculum of colleges, universities, and high schools.

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Lisa Rajchel
Secretariat, ANSI Committee on Education