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ANSI Committee on Education

The ANSI Committee on Education oversees all Institute initiatives related to standards and conformity assessment education and outreach, fulfills the objectives of the United States Standards Strategy (USSS), and responds to other issues that may be delegated by the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, or the National Policy Committee.

ANSI Committee on Education Overview

The mission of the ANSI Committee on Education is to:

  • Support the implementation of the education-related aspects of Strategic Initiative 10 of the United States Standards Strategy.
  • Develop a long-term strategy and subsequent action steps for university faculty outreach to promote the integration of standards and conformity assessment in the curricula in order to educate the next generation of business leaders on the strategic impact of standards and conformity assessment.
  • Develop programs and tactics that raise awareness of the importance of standards and conformity assessment among university faculty in engineering/technology, business, public policy and law schools.
  • Develop materials, course or textbook that university faculty can easily integrate into courses.
  • Provide strategic direction on education curriculum to respond to ANSI member segment needs.
  • Identify target audiences and learning objectives for educational outreach.
  • Oversee long-term development of e-learning and web-based training initiatives.
  • Identify appropriate funding mechanism, e.g., government grant, foundation, etc., necessary to support education initiatives.

Members and Officers

Committee Officers include:

Travis Murdock, Chairman (ASTM International)

Monte Bogatz, Co-Vice Chairman (The IAPMO Group)

Manny Straehle, Co-Vice Chairman (St. Joseph’s University)

Organizational Structure

 COE’s Operating Guidelines.

Meeting Calendar

The ANSI Committee on Education typically meets two times per year.

For a schedule of upcoming meetings, please enter either ANSI Committee on Education or COE in the Key Word search field of the ANSI Online Calendar of Events.

Document Library

The ANSI Committee on Education Document Library includes information on the Committee on Education operating guidelines, roster and scope and charter.

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Staff Contacts

Lisa Rajchel
Secretariat, ANSI CoE
212 642 4932

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