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ANSI/IREC 14732 Workshop

Certificate Awarding Entities' Accreditation Workshop

One and a half days


The day-and-a-half long workshop is designed to introduce interested stakeholders to the IREC 14732 Standard for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Certificate Programs and the requirements for developing a quality education/training course with a summative assessment to determine if the learning outcomes have been achieved.

What You Will Learn:

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to, for their respective organizations:

  • Identify what needs to be done to successfully complete the ANSI-IREC preliminary and full program applications and what resources will be needed
  • Plan for organizational compliance with ANSI-IREC program timelines and fees
  • Identify what is needed to demonstrate conformance to each requirement, using IREC Standard 14732: 2013
  • Distinguish major differences between and key elements of certificate and certification programs


Workshops will be led by leaders in the fields of accreditation, personnel credentialing, and training and education. Instructors are selected for their knowledge of the subject matter and their demonstrated ability to mentor participants from a broad range of industry sectors to facilitate learning.

Who should attend:

Any entity that develops and administers credit or non-credit energy efficiency and renewable energy-related programs offered in formal educational institutions or other legal entities.

Fee: $795 Member; $895 Non-Member

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