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The American Way: The American National Standard (ANS) Development Process

Course No. 287 - One day seminar


Gain greater understanding and guidance on the practical application of the American National Standard (ANS) development process and procedures, and the value of ANSI accreditation. Learn why U.S. voluntary consensus standards are important, the types of accreditation, all the stages in the standards development process, and how to make the most of participation in standards development. This course is an excellent "nuts and bolts" preparation for those who are considering becoming an ANSI-accredited standards developer.

After attending this program, participants will understand the:

  • U.S. voluntary consensus standardization process
  • Accreditation process for developers of American National Standards (ANS)
  • ANS development process and procedures, and submittal of standards to ANSI for approval
  • Importance of an appeals policy and the mechanisms for processing appeals
  • Maintenance of accreditation requirements including the ANSI audit program, and how an audit can help accredited standards developers
  • The role and motivation of Subject Matter Experts in the development process
  • Importance of due process provisions within the ANS process and implementation options and requirements

What You Will Learn:

The following are topics covered in detail in this comprehensive course on U.S. voluntary consensus standardization and American National Standards (ANS) development process:

Benefits of standardization

ANSI's role in the U.S. standardization system


  • What is accreditation?
  • Why ANSI accredits standards developers
  • Benefits and value of the accreditation process
  • Methods of accreditation
  • Steps in the accreditation process
  • Key ANSI committees and procedural documents

American National Standards (ANS) Development Process:

  • Procedures that govern the ANSI process
  • Development stages
  • Demonstrating and determining consensus
  • Public review
  • Maintenance of standards and accreditation
  • Supplements
  • Interpretations
  • Harmonization
  • Adoption of international standards
  • Required policies: appeals, patent, record retention, metric, interpretations, and commercial terms and conditions


  • Understanding the appeals process:
  • Types of appeals
    • to a Standards Developer
    • to the Board of Standards Review
    • to the Executive Standards Council
    • to the Appeals Board

Audit Program:

  • Purpose and scope
  • How audits can benefit standard developers
  • How the audit is conducted
  • Contents of the audit report

Tips and Techniques for Effective Participation:

  • How to integrate the standard development process within your organization
  • How to prepare for participation
  • Meeting preparation and conduct
  • How to handle objections and build consensus
  • Evidence of consensus
  • Identifying and involving participants

Who should attend:

Staff from standards developing organizations; standards committee members, officers and administrators; corporate standards personnel; subject matter/technical experts; and those who want to learn more about how to develop American National Standards.

Fee: $395 Member; $495 Non-Member

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