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ANSI's Current and Ongoing Government Relations Initiatives

ANSI's Current and Ongoing Government Relations Initiatives The following is a summary of current and ongoing initiatives within ANSI in the area of government relations
  • The ANSI Government Member Forum
    provides all government members of ANSI with a forum in which they can concentrate their unique perspective on the standards and conformity assessment issues facing the Federation.
  • The ANSI/OSHA Memorandum of Understanding
    also outlines a mutual understanding of the roles of each organization and provides the basis for positive ongoing cooperative efforts, such as the exchange of information.
  • The National Policy Committee (NPC)
    is responsible for broad-based policy and position decisions regarding national standards issues and government relations and public policy issues. This includes oversight of the Executive Standards Council (ExSC), the Board of Standards Review (BSR) and the Appeals Board. The NPC typically will meet three times a year in the Washington, DC area.

In summary, all parties benefit from a healthy, strong partnership of private and public sector efforts in the area of standards and conformity assessment. From the private sector's perspective, working within the ANSI system with counterparts from government enables industry to provide input or direction for many of the regulations it must meet. Simultaneously, regulatory agencies are able to meet their responsibilities more economically and efficiently.

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