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Astin-Polk International Standards Medal

Astin-Polk & International Standards Medal

The Astin-Polk International Standards Medal honors distinguished service in promoting trade and understanding among nations through personal participation in the advancement, development, or administration of international standardization, measurements, or certification.

The award is named for the late Dr. Allen V. Astin and Dr. Louis F. Polk, Sr., outstanding advocates of international standardization and measurement, who were closely associated with the development of science and engineering and in improving national and international metrology. Dr. Astin retired from the National Bureau of Standards (now NIST) in 1969 after thirty-seven years on the staff, seventeen of them as director. Dr. Polk was chairman of the U.S. Metric board. Because of their distinguished contributions, Dr. Astin and Dr. Polk were the first recipients of this award.

Recipients of the Astin-Polk International Standards Medal have been:

  • James M. Shannon
  • Wayne Morris
  • Philip Piqueira
  • Mary C. McKiel
  • John Siemon
  • Judith L. Gorman
  • James E. Matthews III
  • Ileana Martinez
  • June Ling
  • Helen Delaney
  • Kathleen Riley Kono
  • Steven Seeker
  • Charles H. Piersall
  • Frank K. Kitzantides
  • R. David Thomas
  • Lawrence D. Eicher
  • Lawrence L. Wills
  • John E. Kean
  • Ronald H. Reimer
  • Bernard H. Falk
  • John A. Hinds
  • Howard Reymers
  • William E. Vannah
  • Olle Sturen
  • John W. Stanford
  • Edward Lohse
  • Karl S. Geiges
  • Ralph M. Showers
  • William B. Kelly, Jr.
  • Nikolaus Ludwig
  • Donald C. Fleckenstein
  • L. John Rankine
  • Francis L. LaQue