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Edward Lohse Information Technology Medal

Edward &Lohse Information Technology Medal

The Edward Lohse Information Technology Medal honors an individual who has participated in the development of information technology standards both at the national and international levels, demonstrated leadership in the promotion of such standards within the information technology standards community and fostered cooperation among the bodies involved in global standardization.

Mr. Edward Lohse was instrumental in the founding of the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS), formerly known as Accredited Stanadards Committee X3 - Information Processing Systems) and ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1- Information Technology, and was a recognized leader within the Information Technology Industry Council, Electronics Industries Association, Association of Computing Machinery, International Telecommunications Union, Society of Automotive Engineers and the American National Standards Institute. One of his major accomplishments, contributing to his being awarded the Astin-Polk International Standards Medal, was the fostering of close cooperation among the CCITT (International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee of the International Telecommunications Union), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

Recipients of the Edward Lohse Information Technology Medal have been:

  • Masood Shariff
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Gary Schrempp
  • Gary Robinson
  • Patrick Grother
  • Thomas F. Frost
  • David K. Michael
  • Scott Jameson
  • Catherine J. Tilton
  • Karen Higginbottom
  • Herbert Bertine
  • Albert B. Brazauski
  • Richard L. Pescatore
  • Michael Hogan
  • Donald R. Deutsch
  • Joseph S. DeBlasi
  • Joel B. Urman
  • Stephen P. Oksala
  • Mary Anne Lawler
  • Donald C. Loughry
  • Richard B. Gibson
  • Robert H. Follett
  • Robert E. Rountree, Jr.
  • Marvin W. Bass
  • John R. Aschenbrenner
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