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Finegan Standards Medal

Finegan &Standards Medal

The Finegan Standards Medal honors an individual, not necessarily an executive, who has shown extraordinary leadership in the actual development and application of voluntary standards.

The Standards Medal was renamed in 1985 for Richard J. Finegan, vice-president of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, who for more than a decade provided leadership and strong support to ANSI and the voluntary standards system. Mr. Finegan helped determine Institute policy and programs as a long-standing member of ANSI’s Board of Directors. He served as vice-chairman, vice-president, a member of the Executive Committee, and chairman of the Board Finance Committee. He was also elected honorary chairman of the Board in recognition of his outstanding service. The Finegan Standards Medal, named in his honor, encourages others to give the same caliber of exceptional leadership.

Recipients of the Finegan Standards Medal have been:

  • William Berger
  • Kenneth Gettman
  • Steve Whitesell
  • John Oblak
  • Aimee McKane
  • Damian J. Kotecki, Ph.D.
  • Richard DeBlasio
  • Albert (Chip) Pudims
  • David L. McQuaid
  • Alec McMillan
  • Daniel Roley
  • Ronald Petersen
  • Mark K. Eyer
  • Richard D. Gast
  • Donald Heirman
  • Frederick Bauer
  • Gerald Peterson
  • Arthur K. Reilly
  • Charles L. Berestecky
  • Dr. Mel Woinsky
  • John A. Blair
  • Dr. Howard I. Forman
  • Richard G. Biermann
  • Melvin R. Meyerson
  • Richard Charles Sogge
  • Thomas F. Bresnahan
  • A. Ivan Johnson
  • William L. Barth
  • Richard A. Hudnut
  • Allen V. Astin
  • William P. Kliment
  • John L. Bennett
  • William H. Gourlie
  • John R. Townsend
  • Henry L. Marchese
  • Elmer O. Mattocks
  • Charles R. Harte
  • Howard P. Michener
  • William A. McAdams
  • James G. Morrow
  • Edward C. Sommer
  • Virgil M. Graham
  • John Gaillard
  • Walter L. Harding
  • Willis S. MacLeod
  • Perry L. Houser
  • Carl E. Rawlins
  • Samuel H. Watson
  • Frank O. Hoagland
  • A. Allan Bates
  • Paul Arnold
  • Paul Gough Agnew
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