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Howard Coonley Medal

Howard & Coonley Medal

The Howard Coonley Medal honors an executive who has rendered great service to the national economy through voluntary standardization and who has given outstanding support to standardization as a management tool.

This award was named for Howard Coonley, who for many years was president and chairman of the Board of the Walworth Company. He served three terms as president of ANSI, then known as the American Standards Association, and twenty-two years on its Board of Directors. In 1946, he was elected first president of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Because of his long and outstanding service to the voluntary standards system, the medal was not only named for him, but he was its first recipient.

Recipients of the Howard Coonley Medal have been:

  • Sharon Stanford
  • Colin Church
  • Paraskevas (Paris) Stavrianidis
  • August Schaefer
  • Cynthia Fuller
  • Edwin Piñero
  • Robert A. Williams
  • Frank K. Kitzantides
  • Gregory Saunders
  • Dr. Belinda L. Collins
  • Dan Bart
  • Donald Mader
  • Malcolm O’Hagan
  • Richard Green
  • Henry Line
  • Gerald Ritterbusch
  • G. Thomas Castino
  • Edward R. Kelly
  • Brian D.Unter
  • Ronald Jones
  • Dr. Arati Prabhakar
  • James H. Turner
  • James H. Burrows
  • James Harold Footed
  • C. Thomas Sawyer
  • Vincent Goubeau
  • John W. Landis
  • Francis K. McCune
  • John Robert Suman
  • Bernard H. Falk
  • Miles N. Clair
  • Roger E. Gay
  • Jack Bono
  • Ernst Weber
  • F.S. Blackall, Jr.
  • George S. Wham
  • Frank H. Roby
  • Harold S. Osborne
  • Frank J. Feely, Jr.
  • Earl W. Swett
  • Thomas D. Jolly
  • Allen F. Rhodes
  • F.S.G. Williams
  • Ralph E. Flanders
  • Baron Whitaker
  • Francis L. LaQue
  • William L. Batt
  • Roy P. Trowbridge
  • Louis F. Polk
  • Herbert Hoover
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