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Next Generation Award

The Next Generation Award honors an individual who has been engaged in standardization or conformity assessment activities for less than eight years and who has, during this time, demonstrated vision, leadership, dedication and significant contributions to his or her chosen field of activity.

Recipients of the Next Generation Award have been:

  • Christopher Dorr
  • Sun Gil Kim
  • Andrew Northup
  • Amy Phelps
  • Joseph Spossey
  • Marianna Kramarikova
  • Ranyee Chiang
  • Ryan Franks
  • Joe Gittens
  • Kevin Mangold
  • Carin Stuart
  • Ethan Biery
  • Diana Bull
  • Chelsey Schweikert
  • Kerrianne Conn
  • Elaine Newton
  • Manyphay Souvannarath
  • Jonathan A. Colby
  • Phillip B. Cutler, P.E.
  • Elham Tabassi
  • Matthew R. Young
  • Megan A. Hayes
  • Kristin Collette
  • Martha Marrapese
  • Amanda Dixon
  • Dr. Roger Hoy
  • Dr. Ajit Jillavenkatesa
  • Ann Weeks
  • Stephen Elliott
  • Mary Jo DiBernardo
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