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Workshop on Clean Energy: Data Centers and Green Buildings
U.S.-India Standards and Conformance Cooperation Program

Workshop on Clean Energy: Data Centers and Green Buildings

July 15-16, 2019, Hyderabad

Day 1: 9:30am - 6:00pm

Day 2: 9:30am - 6:00pm

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Workshop Overview

India has set a target of reaching 40% urbanization by 2030. Launched in 2015 by the Government of India, the Smart City Mission is supporting India’s efforts by promoting improvements in infrastructure and the preservation and development of open land spaces. As such, they created the Smart City Mission, which aims to promote improved infrastructure, and to preserve and develop open land spaces. In order to reach their goal 2030, India needs to focus on energy efficiency standards and best practices for data centers as well as the Indian Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), which promotes energy efficiency in the building sector.

During this 2-day workshop, presentations by U.S. and Indian experts from both the private and public sectors will focus on capacity building, support for data centers and green buildings, and discuss emerging data center energy efficiency standards. The collaboration of U.S. and Indian experts will help India sustainably meet its energy efficiency targets, specifically in the area of data centers and green buildings, while creating a level playing field for U.S. companies to provide high quality solutions and services to meet the needs.

Meaningful takeaways:

  • Opportunity to learn about cutting edge U.S. technologies and standards practices.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to identify industry-wide challenges faced by other states, policy-makers, and organizations.
  • A chance to build productive and meaningful relationships with industry peers in the standardization community.
  • Develop a robust ecosystem in India that leverages science and recognized international standards.
  • Further the harmonization of international standards across U.S. and Indian markets.

Venue and Accommodations

Hotel TBD

Hyderabad, India

Contact Information

Jessica Roop,
Manager, International Policy, ANSI

The U.S.-India Standards and Conformance Cooperation Program, Phase II is sponsored by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and coordinated by the American National Standards Institute in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry.

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