ANSI - American National Standards Institute

How Do I Become an ANSI Member?

How Do I Become an ANSI Member?

The American National Standards Institute is an organization of diverse constituents working together to promote a strong U.S. voice and a solid framework of standards and conformity assessment agreements.

To see membership prices and an application, click on your member type. For additional information, e-mail the ANSI Membership Team at:


Company members

A corporation, partnership or other entity that is created under the laws of the United States or any State thereof and that is engaged in industrial or commercial enterprise or professional, educational, research, testing or trade activity. [Any affiliate, division or joint venture of a corporation, company, firm or partnership may, at the discretion of the ANSI Board of Directors, be eligible for membership.]

Educational members

Domestic, not-for-profit institution of higher learning, not otherwise eligible for membership, that is interested in the development of voluntary standards.

Government members

Departments or agencies of the United States government or of any State, interstate or regional authority or agency, or any local or county subdivision of such entities interested in the work of the Institute.

Organization member

A not-for-profit scientific, technical, professional, labor, consumer, trade or other association or organization that is involved in standards, certification or related activities.

International members

An entity that is engaged in the activities of an organizational, company or educational member but that is not created under the laws of the United States or any State thereof.