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Government Member Forum

The ANSI Government Member Forum provides a forum for the discussion of government standards and conformity assessment issues, as they relate to the American National Standards Institute and its members. Representatives of virtually every federal department participate in the ANSI GMF.

ANSI Government Member Forum Overview

As a membership Forum of ANSI, the functions of the ANSI Government Member Forum include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide a forum for discussion and networking by a defined interest category;
  • Provide a mechanism for "early warning" of relevant trends;
  • Address issues of interest primarily to their membership and galvanize implementation at their constituent level;
  • Identify broader-based issues to be addressed by an identified governance body;
  • Assume an active role in ANSI membership recruitment and retention; and
  • Serve as the one place within ANSI where participants can represent their own organization's interests.
  • Advising the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors on policy, organization, planning and priorities with respect to standards, certification and other related matters on behalf of GMF members;
  • Serving as a channel of communication for presenting the views of its members on policies and programs of the Institute;
  • Assisting in implementing programs to attract an adequate and widely representative body of members in its membership group; and
  • Recommending to the Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors candidates for membership on the Board from the GMF who meet Board-specified requirements.

In addition, the Government Member Forum shall assist governmental entitites in voluntary standards development activities and encourage participation by governmental agencies in the voluntary standards and certification process. The GMF shall also provide recommendations to ANSI policy groups on issues of importance to the government sector

Members and Officers

Each government agency member of ANSI automatically becomes a member of the Forum and is entitled to receive documents and send representatives to meetings. The Government Member Forum shall consist of one representative from each government member.

 Complete list of ANSI government members

Forum officers include:

GMF Chair
Timothy A. Klein, U.S. Department of Transportation

Membership in ANSI

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Meeting Calendar

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Document library

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Staff Contacts

Mary Saunders
Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policy
202 331 3610

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