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Benefits of Membership

Join a distinguished group of companies, organizations, government entities, consumer groups, educational institutions, and other public and private sector innovators who are harnessing the power of standards to position themselves for long-term success.



“Being a standards guy in a big organization is lonely and unique – which is why I come to ANSI to meet other standards people who understand what I do.”
- Don Deutsch, Oracle



“ANSI membership enables all of us to recognize the ways that we can better perform and remain relevant and useful to the industries and consumers that rely on our work.”
- Alyssa Jijon, U.S. Pharmacopeia



“ANSI’s role as an ambassador to the international standards community on behalf of U.S. industry is critical. We depend on their support for global advocacy of a voluntary, industry-led standardization system."
- Jason Matusow, Microsoft



“In our industry, standards are everything, so our participation with ANSI is paramount to the success of our business.”
- Joseph Spossey, Intertek

Membership Categories


A corporation, partnership or other entity that is created under the laws of the United States or any state, district or territory thereof and that is engaged in industrial or commercial enterprise or professional, educational, research, testing or trade activity.Any affiliate, division or joint venture of a corporation, company, firm or partnership may, at the discretion of the ANSI Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, be eligible for membership.


A department, authority or agency of the United States government or of any state, interstate, regional or local government, interested in voluntary standards or conformity assessment.


A not-for-profit scientific, technical, professional, labor, consumer, trade or other association or organization that is involved in standards, conformity assessment or related activities.



A domestic, educational institution that is interested in voluntary standards or conformity assessment.


An entity that has no legal presence (e.g., subsidiaries, business units, branch offices) in the United Sates or any state thereof. International members shall not be entitled to vote on issues coming before the membership. For International Membership, please complete the PDF application, and send to the Membership team at


 For additional categories or questions, please contact the Membership Team at 212-642-8922 or

Membership Orientations

You can participate directly in many ways, and your time spent will be richly rewarded!

There is a lot written about ANSI and its role leading the United States in international standardization – but there's no better way to learn how you can benefit from working with ANSI than by talking with us. ANSI encourages you to take the first step to see what you are missing, and, more importantly, to find areas where we can work effectively together.

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Activity Assessment Schedule

National Activity Assessment

The national activity assessment supports the American National Standards (ANS) process infrastructure and is based on the total number of American National Standards sponsored by the standards developer; this fee includes the costs associated with the mandatory routine audit applicable to all ANSI-accredited standards developers.

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International Activity Assessment

The international assessment has two components, each calculated separately, and is applied in addition to the full member dues of relevant members. The first component is applied to ANSI members that hold ISO, IEC, and/or JTC 1 secretariats. Assessments are based upon the number of ISO, IEC and/or JTC 1 Technical Committee (TC) and/or Subcommittee (SC) secretariats administered. The second component is applied to members that administer U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs). The assessments are based on the number ISO, IEC and/or JTC 1 TCs and/or SCs for which the organization administers a U.S./TAG (i.e., “P” memberships). Organizations that administer ISO and JTC 1 related U.S./TAGs will be assessed an ISO-specific program fee of $575 per participating (“P”) membership (based on the number of ISO Technical Committees (TCs) and/or Subcommittees (SCs) for which the organization administers a US/TAG). Organizations that administer over 10 P Memberships or Secretariats should contact Sara Desautels, Director, ISO – P-Membership Services, ( for more information concerning international assessment fees.

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