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Weekly COVID-19 Update: Standards Development Workshop to Address PPE Shortages, Remote Virtual Inspections Infographic, and Fire Protection Requirements for Outdoor Dining Tents


The ANSI Federation and standardization community are stepping up with guidance, resources, and initiatives to support public health, safety, and infrastructure during the COVID-19 outbreak. ANSI is monitoring, sharing, and promoting appropriate news to highlight these efforts. Suggestions for news items may be submitted to [email protected]. All submissions are published at ANSI's discretion.

ASTM to Host Workshop on Fast-Tracking Standards Development to Address Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Shortages

ASTM International will host a workshop on September 9-10, 2020, that will provide a forum for engineers, scientists, and medical professionals worldwide to exchange ideas and identify areas for needed standards development in light of PPE shortages for the current pandemic and possible future outbreaks. New standards will assist in managing future waves of infection as well as shortages that might occur due to decreased or disrupted supply chains. In vitro diagnostics for assessing infection are beyond the scope of this workshop. The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss standards development on the following topics:

  • Methods/guides/practices to address reprocessing single use PPE and reusable PPE (including N95 respirators, personal face masks, protective clothing and coverings, etc.)
  • Methods/guides/practices for producing and or assessing performance of devices and device components that are in short supply
  • How existing standards help in addressing device shortages or how they could have been of more assistance

Access more information on the workshop and register via ASTM:

ICC Releases Infographic on Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI)

The International Code Council (ICC) recently released its infographic on remote virtual inspections (RVI), a form of inspections that use visual or electronic aids to allow an inspector or team of inspectors to observe certain types of construction, products, and/or materials from a distance.

The infographic includes RVI benefits, the key steps to a remote virtual inspection, and a link to the full version of ICC's RVI recommended practices. Access the infographic via the link:

Access ICC's latest news and resources, which includes a Follow-Up Code Official Survey On Pandemic Response and Needed Resources on the ICC Coronavirus Response Center page.

NFPA Fact Sheet Provides Overview of Fire Protection Requirements for Outdoor Dining Tents
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has published a new fact sheet on fire protection and life safety requirements and precautions for tents.

"Building and Life Safety for Tents" helps to ensure that tents are being used safely, especially as restaurants and other businesses may utilize tents as a means of safely reopening in light of the pandemic. Multiple precautions must be followed when erecting a tent or membrane structure, with consideration given to placement relative to other buildings and fire department access, as well as fabric flammability. Although tents are temporary structures, they should have a means of egress complying with their occupancy requirements, as well as exit markings, emergency lighting, and measures to prevent exits from being blocked.

Access "Building and Life Safety for Tents" on NFPA's website at no cost.

See more ANSI member efforts in the ANSI COVID-19 Resource Webpage Highlighting Standardization Community Response Efforts.


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