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Gaps Progress Report Available: America Makes & ANSI Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing


America Makes and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced today the availability of a Gaps Progress Report tracking efforts by standards developing organizations (SDOs) and others to address the gaps identified in the Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing (version 2.0, June 2018), published by the America Makes and ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative (AMSC).

The AMSC is a cross-sector coordinating body established in 2016 whose objective is to accelerate the development of industry-wide additive manufacturing standards and specifications consistent with stakeholder needs. The Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing, developed with contributions from more than 300 individuals from 175 public- and private-sector organizations, lists published standards, those being developed, and others that are needed to help grow the additive manufacturing industry. It identifies 93 gaps where no published standard or specification currently exists to respond to a particular industry need. The roadmap also flags 65 of these gaps as requiring pre-standardization research and development (R&D).

The gaps progress report was compiled by ANSI staff based on inputs from SDOs, subject matter experts, alert mechanisms, and independent research. It lists newly published standards and new standards projects, alongside suggestions for future roadmap modifications. The report is not a consensus document but rather is intended to serve as an interim “living document” that will be maintained and periodically re-published until such time as the AMSC develops a next version of the standardization roadmap. The report is provided in PDF and replaces an earlier HTML gaps tracker portal that was onerous to maintain given the volume and pace of additive manufacturing standardization work.

To get on the AMSC’s mailing list, or to offer suggested edits to the gaps progress report, email: [email protected].


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