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USNC Names Participants for 2021 IEC Young Professionals Workshop


The U.S. National Committee (USNC) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) congratulates the U.S. winners of its 2021 Young Professionals Workshop Competition. Recipients will remotely participate in the international workshop on October 3-7, 2021, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in conjunction with the 85th IEC General Meeting (GM). The workshop will be held in hybrid format due to the continued impacts of the pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding travel.

The in-depth, five-day workshop will bring together young professionals from around the world who are at the beginning of their careers in electrotechnical standardization and conformity assessment, and who have been selected and recognized by their IEC National Committees.

This year, the USNC received excellent applications reflecting a number of well-qualified candidates. As with previous years, the 2021 winners were selected based on their demonstrated dedication in connection with standardization and/or conformity assessment activities; their vision of the larger commercial and strategic impact of standards and conformance work; and their accomplishments in their chosen field of activity.

The USNC represents U.S. interests in IEC standards and conformance activities, and is an integrated committee of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The workshop is intended to cultivate long- term national involvement in the international arena, strengthen technology transfer, and encourage the participation of emerging professionals in shaping the future of these areas.

The USNC has named the following four IEC Young Professionals:

Chao Feng

As a hardware engineer for Rockwell Automation, Chao Feng has served in leading the IO functional safety calculations for new products. As Rockwell's subject matter expert, he has been working on multiple functional safety product development projects over the past six years. Chao was certified by TUV for FS IEC60518 and Cyber Security for control product in 2020.

Chao Feng graduated with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, and earned his master of engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Brian Rupp

Brian Rupp is a hardware engineer at Rockwell Automation, and he has worked as a new product development engineer, focusing on high-speed back-plane design. He has also worked with system architecture, component selection, in addition to schematic, layout, production, and validation stages. Additionally, he has performed testing for EMC compliance (radiated emissions/immunity and electrical fast transient testing) and worked with standards development for upcoming technologies, such as Advanced Physical Layer (APL) technology and Single Pair Ethernet Technology (SPE), among other accomplishments.

He received a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Stephanie Schiller

Stephanie Schiller is a quality assurance manager for UL Verification Services Inc., where she is responsible for seven global laboratories, over 10 certification schemes, and additional services provided globally. She helps provide governance to ensure compliance to UL's internal certification schemes. She is involved in discussions with UL's enterprise services, risk committees, and CASCO (the ISO committee that works on issues relating to conformity assessment). Additionally, she has experience working with, interpreting, and implementing conformity assessment standards: ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO 14065, ISO 14024, and ISO/IEC 17029. She also works with external certification schemes on their program documentation, rules, and standards as they relate to conformity assessment, sustainability, indoor health, and testing.

Stephanie earned her bachelor of science from the University of Minnesota.

Christopher Schmid

As a standards engineer for Underwriters Laboratories, Christopher Schmid's role involves defining electrical/mechanical safety parameters and identifying safety hazards. He establishes standardized working/verbiage for common tests found through various UL standards in order to modify and harmonize text within the documents without negatively impacting the intent of the requirements.

He also works in developing a data visualization platform that revolutionizes the way stakeholders interact and view UL standards, and supports UL Standard Technical Panels (STPs) in researching previous and existing requirements (ISO, UL, ASTM, IEC, etc.) to assist in the clarification of requirements and the understanding of their intent during the revision process, among other responsibilities.

Christopher Schmid earned his bachelor of science in electrical engineering, REES Concentration (Renewable Electric Energy Systems), at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.

"Once again we were thrilled to have such an outstanding lineup of professionals this year," said Tony Zertuche, ANSI director, international policy, and general secretary of the USNC/IEC. "On behalf of the USNC, I am pleased and delighted to announce that these top achievers have been selected to participate in the IEC Young Professionals 2021 Workshop."


About ANSI

The American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI) is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance both the global competitiveness of U.S. business and the U.S. quality of life by promoting, facilitating, and safeguarding the integrity of the voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems. Its membership is comprised of businesses, professional societies and trade associations, standards developers, government agencies, and consumer and labor organizations.

The Institute represents and serves the diverse interests of more than 270,000 companies and organizations and 30 million professionals worldwide. ANSI is the official U.S. representative to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and, via the U.S. National Committee, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). For more information, visit


About the USNC/IEC

The USNC/IEC serves as the focal point for U.S. parties who are interested in the development, promulgation, and use of globally- relevant standards for the electrotechnical industry. The Committee is also engaged in the assessment of conformance to standards, undertaking work in areas such as testing, certification, and accreditation. As the U.S. representative to the IEC and many related regional standardization bodies, the USNC/IEC serves as a conduit to the global standards-setting community for technical and policy positions arising in the U.S. and brings issues from the global arena to the U.S. for review, consideration, and response. The USNC/IEC is a totally integrated committee of ANSI.


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