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Submit Feedback on a Low-Carbon Hydrogen International Standard


Respond to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Survey by December 6, 2021

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) encourages relevant stakeholders to respond to an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) survey on a low-carbon hydrogen international standard by December 6, 2021. The survey covers the scope of an international standard, approaches to developing the international standard, and options for certifying the low-carbon credentials of hydrogen products.

As the APEC region accounts for around 60 percent of world energy demand, low-carbon hydrogen, along with other initiatives, can contribute to lowering emissions from energy in the region. Relevant audiences for this survey include economy representatives, standards development organizations, conformity assessment bodies, accreditation bodies, energy and climate change response subject-matter experts, hydrogen suppliers, industry associations, verifiers and assurance providers and relevant regulatory bodies.

Background on Low-Carbon Hydrogen and Standardization

Low-carbon hydrogen generally describes hydrogen produced by methods that emit relatively low levels of greenhouse gases (CO2 and others). As APEC notes, internationally, the terminology for classifying hydrogen based on its production method varies. The benefits of a low-carbon hydrogen international standard include supporting emission reduction commitments, economic development and trade.

Survey responses will be used by the project research contractor to inform an issues paper, which will be presented at an APEC workshop. The issues paper will inform the project's final report, to be published on the APEC website.

Access the APEC survey link: Questions about the survey may be submitted to the project team: [email protected]; [email protected]; and [email protected].



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