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The Value and Purposes of Certificates, Certifications, and Professional Associations


Workcred, an affiliate of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) focused on advancing quality workforce credentials, has released three issue briefs highlighting facts, features, and common myths about certifications, certificates, and related professional associations.

Credentialing options can be confusing. Oftentimes, the nuances between certifications, certificates, and other credentials are misunderstood. Workers may miss out on valuable opportunities for career development, and employers, educators, and governments may not use the system to its full potential to build a skilled workforce.

Workcred is addressing this confusion about the purpose and characteristics of certificates and certifications, as well as providing an overview of organizations that convene credentialing bodies, through three newly published issue briefs:

The briefs offer clarity to job-seekers and employers who want to learn more about certifications, certificates, and professional associations. These briefs were developed by Workcred as part of its “Demonstrate Value Through Linking Data” project, which brought together a network of certification bodies to explore the potential for data-linking efforts to improve understanding of the value of certifications, the aggregate labor market outcomes of certifications, and insights into successful career pathways into the workforce.

“Certifications and assessment-based certificates have value for job seekers looking to further their careers, but individuals and employers need more information about how these credentials fit into career pathways,” said Roy Swift, Workcred executive director. “Workcred’s new issue briefs elucidate these pathways and help workers and employers understand their options in building careers and developing a skilled workforce.”


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Journalist/Communications Specialist


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