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A Systems Thinking Framework for A Complex Credentialing System: Workcred Releases New Blog


In a newly published blog post, Roy Swift, Ph.D., executive director of Workcred, explains how using a systems thinking framework for the U.S. credentialing system can serve as an effective strategy to better understand the relationships among credential issuers and assess how credentials relate and impact each other.

“The U.S. credentialing system is an example of a system that must be viewed holistically,” writes Swift. “It is a highly complex system composed of multiple components, which are themselves complex.”

A systems thinking approach to the credentialing system has the promise to offer insights into some of its chronic, well-documented problems, notes Swift, including inequities in access to credentials, uneven quality of credentials, credentials that have no career pathways, and high costs to earn credentials.

Learn more via the blog post: The Power of Systems Thinking to Understand the Total Impact of Credentialing Decisions.


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