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Connect Your Classroom with a Standards Expert!


New ANSI Education Initiative Supports the Next Generation of Standardization Leaders

What does it take to be part of the ever-evolving standards profession? A new initiative from the ANSI Committee on Education (COE) connects faculty and scholars around the country with standards experts in the field to give students unique insights about careers in standards—and an introduction to the overall standardization system. The program is open to professors/instructors at any U.S. post-secondary educational institution.

Connect with an Expert to Inspire Your Class

One of the best ways to learn about standards is by getting insider information, straight from the source. Standards professionals are immersed in all types of fields: from artificial intelligence, engineering, smart manufacturing, and more, experts have first-hand knowledge about how standards work impacts the most innovative sectors.

ANSI can connect professors and their classrooms with the right expert to better demonstrate standards' impact on a technology, field, or sector, and to provide answers to questions about standards and conformity assessment activities and trends directly relevant to particular fields.

Submit an online form to request a speaker and ANSI will contact you with more information.

Calling Prospective Standards Teachers!

Although standards support virtually everything we do, they are often underrepresented in U.S. education. From the technology and parts that power our cell phones to the medical devices that surgeons rely on for groundbreaking procedures, standards are at the very core of society.

Mentors and standards professionals willing to volunteer their time are essential to support the next generation of standardization leaders so they have a blueprint for success in the field.

ANSI is seeking professionals to lend insights and share how their role in standards helps to advance health and safety, and makes a difference in the world.

For questions, email ANSI Committee on Education Secretariat Lisa Rajchel at [email protected].


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