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Establishing Specifications for Domestic Glass Types: Join an International Workshop!


Participants can attend virtually on June 16

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) encourages relevant stakeholders to attend a workshop to develop an International Workshop Agreement (IWA 43) on Domestic glass types – crystal and lead crystal glass – specifications and test methods.

The European Domestic Glass Association (EDG) and AFNOR, the French member body of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), will host the international workshop on June 16, 2023, at AFNOR headquarters in France; virtual participation is also available (Zoom details are available in the IWA document).

According to the IWA document, there has been recent significant technical progress and market evolution with regard to high quality crystal glass types for domestic use. To that end, a huge market shift reveals a move from lead crystal to innovative crystal glass, driven by progress in industrial processes, among other recent changes. Therefore, the IWA document asserts, there is an urgent need to assure that consumers are not confused or misled by the variety of appellations and innovations.

An IWA would be an opportunity to establish specifications for high quality crystal glass, ‘crystal,’ and lead crystal at an international level. It is expected that these specifications would address the three categories of material, in terms of density, refractive index, and composition. The IWA is also expected to refer to existing and relevant test methods, and possibly identify complementary tests, if necessary.

According to the IWA scope: “The document will provide specifications and test methods for domestic glass types of high quality: crystal glass, crystal and lead crystal glass (composition, density, refractive index and lead content). Domestic glass applications cover consumer goods such as tableware, containers (e.g. bottles, decanters, perfume jars), giftware, jewelry, home decor, decorative components (e.g. for the jewelry, textile, lighting), furniture and luminaries. Other industrial or technical applications, such as glass in building, automotive, medicine and laboratories will not be

If deemed necessary, a second workshop will take place at AFNOR in July 2023, with an option to join virtually. Upon the conclusion of discussions, the final text of the IWA (with input from consultations and meetings) will be submitted to ISO for publication.

Access more information in the invitation to the virtual workshop.

What is an IWA?

An IWA is a type of document that is developed with direct participation of stakeholders outside of the traditional ISO country representation to enable players to negotiate an open workshop environment. After the IWA workshop, text will be edited and published. A proposal to hold an ISO workshop for the purpose of developing one or more IWA on a particular subject may come from any source, including ISO member bodies, liaison organizations, corporate bodies, etc.


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