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Standards Create a Quality Triangle to Enhance Learning Outcomes: Workcred Publishes New Blog


A new blog post published by ANSI-affiliate Workcred underscores the importance of standards and pinpoints how they help advance the workforce.

“Standards are the backbone of effective credential programs, with three key areas forming a ‘quality triangle’ to enhance learning outcomes,” said Dr. Roy Swift, Workcred executive director. “Comprehensive, balanced, and effective standards guiding personnel certifications, assessment-based certificate programs, and workplace learning make up a tripod of guidance that can meaningfully elevate a skilled workforce in the U.S.”

Swift expands on how different types of standards form a quality triangle. Adherence to the quality measures of standards for personnel certifications is the first aspect in the quality triangle, and plays a vital role in helping certification bodies to distinguish their programs. The second part of the triangle relates to assessment-based certificate programs: standards are important in the recognition or accreditation (or both) of entities that issue certificates to individuals. Swift then details how a new standard can serve to fill a gap in workplace learning, the final “piece” of the triangle. This standard guides creators in developing and administering quality work-based learning programs, as well as stakeholders in determining the quality of a program.

“Standards play a major role in credentialing in this country, and it is the adherence of these standards that means that one has a quality credential,” noted Swift.

Workcred frequently shares information about how credentials are supported by standards, with posts on Workcred’s blog. Read more about specific standards in the latest post: Standards – A Foundational Component of Quality Credentials.


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