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ANAB Announces Seventh Annual Terry Burgess Assessor of the Year Award Recipient


ANAB has named Rena Bass as the Seventh Annual Terry Burgess Assessor of the Year Award recipient. Bass began working with ANAB when the organization was the Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB), joining when they launched their second ISO program for Management Systems Accreditation, ISO 14001, in 1996. Before joining ANAB, Bass graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, and worked as an analytical laboratory assistant, a toxicologist assistant, a scientist, and a consultant in the environmental engineering industry.

Bass has been instrumental in the growth and development of ANAB through the years, dedicating many hours to help its accreditation programs improve and become more efficient and effective. She has worked with new assessors, educating and sharing personal tools and knowledge gained throughout the years. Bass is known for being a highly organized and disciplined assessor, admired for the skillset and knowledge she brings to each assignment.

Today, Bass works within the Management Systems, Validation & Verification, and Product Certification (MVP) Strategic Business Unit (SBU). She works as an assessor, an Executive Assessment Team Leader (EATL), a member on the Management Systems Accreditation Committee, and, in the past few years, an assessor for ANAB’s Validation and Verification programs. For years, Bass has provided a consistently high level of service and value.

Bass has many similar qualities to Terry Burgess: vast technical knowledge, years of facing challenges, and persevering in what was a very male-dominated industry in the ‘90s and early 2000s. She is hardworking, dependable, loyal, and someone anyone would be privileged to call a friend or colleague. She has been a teacher to all and a friend to many.

The award was presented to Bass during ANAB’s 2024 Annual Assessment Development session in Denver, CO. As Bass accepted the award, she looked out to the other attendees and said, “This is for all of us.” She graciously accepted the award and thanked her other assessors for all of their contributions as well.

ANAB is very grateful to Bass for her contributions and invites all to extend their congratulations for her many achievements.

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