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Standards Needs for Nanoplastics: Register for Virtual ANSI Nanotechnology Standards Panel Event


September 10-11

Registration is now open for an ANSI Nanotechnology Standards Panel (ANSI-NSP) virtual workshop: Standards Needs for Nanoplastics. The 1.5-day session is intended to drive awareness about nanoplastics and identify needs for standards activities in the field.

Register for Standards Needs for Nanoplastics, to be held on September 10-11, 2024.

Nanoplastics are a subset of nanoparticles, for which there is ongoing development of a body of standards; however, nanoplastics have unique characteristics for which existing standards may be insufficient or need modifications. The ANSI-NSP webinar will consider various issues surrounding nanoplastics, and how standards can help describe, characterize, and evaluate their properties. The event will include breakout sessions on terminology; measurement and characterization; and health and environmental impacts. A key outcome of this meeting will be for U.S.-based standards development organizations (SDOs) to learn how they can contribute to the field of nanoplastics through various standards activities.

“There is growing interest in nanoplastics due to questions about their presence in organisms (including humans), workplace and environmental exposures, and their potential impacts,” said Dr. Shaun Clancy, ANSI-NSP chair. “The NSP is hosting this workshop to bring together U.S. SDOs and experts to increase awareness about nanoplastics and to facilitate discussions on this topic. We hope this meeting will advance work by U.S. SDOs to help develop standardized tools to make more rapid progress on questions regarding nanoplastics.”

Questions can be directed to Heather Benko, associate director, ANSI nanotechnology standardization activities, at [email protected].

More about ANSI-NSP

Now in its twentieth year, the ANSI-NSP was established at the request of Dr. John Marburger in 2004, then Director of the Office and Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to coordinate the development of standards, including nomenclature, in the area of nanotechnology. The ANSI-NSP supports standards development that enables the safety and efficiency of nanotechnology-driven materials, products, and processes.


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