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RIA Highlights User-Friendly Technology for Robot Programming

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA), an ANSI member and accredited standards developer, recently published an article detailing how intuitive and user-friendly technologies have made robot programming possible for people new to the field.

In recent years, robot programming systems have evolved to include easy-to-use systems, often resembling smartphone or tablet applications deemed “millennial-compatible” or “millennial-friendly.” The likeness to more familiar devices is intentional, making them less intimidating to people with little or no robot programming training. Functional industrial robots can be programmed quickly and easily.

For example, RIA gives an overview of “SRC Controller,” which offers users with a tablet-style pendant that understands their position, allowing them to program robots without knowledge of coordinate systems. The controller also includes a joystick that the user holds and moves, and the robot will follow these hand movements exactly. Within an hour, users have been able to write their own programs.

Read about several of the millennial-friendly technologies transforming robot programming in RIA’s news item.


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