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UL and TIA Launch Smart Building Rating Program


UL and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), both ANSI members and accredited standards developers, have collaborated to launch a smart building assessment and rating program.

The SPIRE Smart Building Program provides a comprehensive and objective building assessment, helping owners and operators to make better informed investment decisions, improve tenant satisfaction, and increase asset value. The program includes an online SPIRE Self-Assessment and a UL Verified Assessment and Rating; assessment criteria were developed with the input of a TIA industry working group.

“In these unprecedented times, those overseeing smart building assets are looking for guidance to help better align performance strategies, planning tactics, and operational efficiencies,” said Rachna Stegall, vice president and SPIRE Smart Building Program lead at UL. “The SPIRE Smart Building Program does just that by providing insight to smart building technologies and outcomes while helping to empower informed investment decisions about where to focus technology, building enhancements, and business optimizations.”

Learn more in the UL and TIA news releases.

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