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RIA Industry Insights Predict Next Steps in Robotics


The Robotics Industry Association (RIA) has published an article in its Robotics Industry Insights news about the opportunities and direction of the robotics industry in 2021 and beyond.

Executives in the robotics industry predict that opportunities in the service robots sector will grow at a much higher rate than industrial robots, with medical and pharmaceutical applications, agriculture, and e-commerce at the forefront. Logistics robots will lead this upward trend. Collaborative robots, or “cobots,” may satisfy the demand for first-time robotics systems for smaller manufacturers, and cobots are projected to fulfill 29 percent of the total market for industrial robots in the next decade.

Another predicted trend is the increase in autonomous mobile robots for manufacturing and e-commerce fulfillment. These robots can benefit from the advances in technology for self-driving passenger vehicles, and the rise of e-commerce during the pandemic has heightened the need for them. Experts predict that even when the pandemic is over, e-commerce will remain a default shopping method for many, so the need for autonomous mobile robots will remain high.

Read about more predicted trends in the RIA news item.

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