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World Bearing Association Launches App to Help Combat Counterfeit Bearings


The World Bearing Association, created by founding members the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (an ANSI member and accredited standards developer), the Japanese Bearing Industrial Association, and the Federation of European Bearing Manufacturers Association, has developed a new mobile app to help fight against counterfeit bearings.

The WBA Bearing Authenticator app, freely available on the Google Play and Apple App stores, allows users to scan a QR or DMC code on a bearing package to identify whether the code is correct and recognized in the manufacturer’s database. App users, including bearing customers, distributors, and customs officials, will see one of three indicators: a green checkmark if the code is correct, a yellow exclamation point if the code is correct but has been scanned too many times and should be verified with the manufacturer, or a red alarm symbol if the code is incorrect and a suspected fake.

Learn more about the app in the ABMA news item.

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