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ATIS White Paper Delves into Illegal Robocalls and How to Stop Them


ATIS has published a new report providing an overview of robocalling and spamming techniques, as well as broad industry solutions in action to counter them.

“Robocalling and Communication ID Spoofing: Better Understanding Illicit and Unwanted Calls and How to Counter Them” explains the roles, needs, and challenges of robocalling stakeholders, as well as the impacts of robocalling, success criteria in addressing the problem, and relevant metrics.

“As unwanted robocalling techniques continue to evolve, constant innovation is the only way to counter emerging threats,” said ATIS president and CEO Susan Miller. “SHAKEN deployment must advance. There is also a need for additional monitoring and mitigation techniques. This report provides essential groundwork for these efforts.”

Download the white paper at no cost on ATIS’s website.

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