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CLSI Hosts Future Forum on Emerging Medical Laboratory Technologies


The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) has posted an on-demand video of its recent Future Focus Forum, where leading experts shared insights on the new and emerging technologies in medical laboratories, and how standards are integral to their future application and advancement.

The 1.5 hour video includes government, industry, and healthcare perspectives, with discussions that include:

  • The need for stronger collaboration between the healthcare and public health sectors
  • A cloud-based, two-way system between commercial clinical and public health labs that would allow seamless communication between the two (future goal)
  • Healthcare economics and the need for better alignment of cost of care between payers and providers, supply chain optimizations, and the use of industrial standards and tools where appropriate
  • Challenges in artificial intelligence and machine learning such as how to validate an iterative learning process, whether FDA approval is needed, and who is responsible for errors
  • The “Century of Biology” is upon us and how precision medicine―treating disease at the molecular level—is the first wave, with standardization critical to reproducible results
  • Opportunities for standardization and harmonization in immunohistochemistry (IHC) companion diagnostics (CDx)

See CLSI’s news item to read an overview of the forum and to access the video recording of the session.

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