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RIMS Article Outlines Natural Disaster Preparation for Remote Workforces


The Risk Management Society (RIMS) has published an article on remote workforce considerations for natural disaster preparation.

While remote work has reduced some risks associated with natural disasters – for example, employees can be shifted to remote working if a natural catastrophe like a hurricane makes a worksite temporarily inaccessible or dangerous – other considerations must now be taken. With remote work expanding the area of a workforce from one office to multiple residences, there is an expanded geographical susceptibility to natural disaster. There may be an increased need for ongoing communication during natural catastrophes, and a greater need for employers to be aware of events that may impact their workforce. Companies may need to expand the list of locations that they monitor for natural disasters, and reevaluate continuity plans based on the physical locations of employees.

Learn more in the RIMS article, found in the Risk Management magazine.

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