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HRCI Article Offers HR Tips for Organizations Welcoming Back Their Workforce


HRCI recently posted an article offering guidance to HR professionals on how organizations can best manage employees as many return to the office after telecommuting.

“How Organizations Can Return, Re-Engage, Re-Train and Ultimately Retain Their Workforce” summarizes the thoughts of HR thought leaders who spoke at HRCI’s recent “Higher Standard” micro-summit. Takeaways include:

  • Recognize and practice the skills you need to thrive: HR professionals need to develop their ability to manage hybrid teams with a variety of schedules, time zones, and types of employment. Organizations should be experimental and flexible, more diverse, and less based on hierarchical structures.
  • Take steps towards modern HR practice: Modernize your HR department, staying abreast of new trends in the field such as agile (or continuous) performance reviews.
  • Put company values front and center: Values ground a global workplace, uniting who you are at a macro-level and driving practices across the globe. Values can also result in more deeply thought out policies.

Learn more about each of these points in the HRCI article.

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