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EEI Brochure Offers 100+ Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill


The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) has issued a freely available brochure, “More Than 100 Ways to Improve Your Electric Bill,” with suggestions on how you can use energy wisely with simple low- or no-cost actions. Some tips include:

  • Keep fireplace dampers closed to prevent loss of warm air in the winter and loss of cool air in the summer.
  • Don’t position heat-producing devices, like TVs and lamps, beneath a wall-mounted thermostat for a central cooling system. Heat from the device may cause the thermostat to read a temperature higher than the true room temperature, causing overcooling.
  • Use kitchen and bath exhaust fans sparingly in the winter, as water vapors from bathing and cooking are helpful in humidifying the home.
  • Keep reflector pans beneath stovetop heating elements bright and clean; shiny pans focus heat rays on utensil bottoms while dull or soiled ones absorb and waste heat.

Read all 100+ tips on EEI’s website.

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