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ASME Launches New Company Metrix Connect LLC to Accelerate Digital Transformation


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has announced its new subsidiary, Metrix Connect LLC, which was launched to accelerate digital transformation in engineering for a variety of industries. An ASME company, Metrix will host an integrated events and content platform for engineers and technical professionals who work in additive manufacturing/3D printing, digital engineering, energy transformation, and other industries.

“ASME has a long history of connecting engineering experts and the next chapter starts with Metrix,” said ASME executive director and CEO Tom Costabile. “From the first meeting of ASME’s founders 140 years ago through today, we bring engineers together to solve real-world problems and improve the quality of life worldwide. With Metrix, they’ll build on those relationships and focus on creating enduring, immersive experiences where technology insights, expert advice and resources are available to engineers around the clock to inform their technology purchase decisions and strengthen business relationships.”

The company will act as the exclusive conduit to ASME members via the Mechanical Engineering brand of media products. Deborah Holton will serve as Metrix’s president, reporting to ASME chief strategy officer Michael Johnson.

Access more information via the ASME press release.

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