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NFPA Article Explores How Safety Professionals Can Help Stop Human Trafficking


The National Fire Protection Association recently published an article in its NFPA Journal on the role that responders, inspectors, and other safety professionals can play in stopping human trafficking.

“In Plain Sight” emphasizes how labor and sex trafficking occurs in every country in the world, and that the general public may have inaccurate notions of what it is, what it looks like, and how it’s practiced. Increased training can help first responders, fire marshals, building inspectors, contractors, electricians, health inspectors, and more recognize and act on indicators of trafficking. For example, some indicators that inspectors can look for include signs of people living at commercial occupancies, doors locked from the outside, and unmarked vehicles used for business purposes. The article goes into greater detail with numerous signs of human trafficking, and online resources that can support the development of training programs.

Learn more in the NFPA article.

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