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ESIG Releases Report on Next Steps to Expand the Bulk Transmission System


The Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) has released a new report: “Design Study Requirements for a U.S. Macrogrid: A Path to Achieving the Nation’s Energy System Transformation Goals.”

The report provides a set of recommendations for the next stage of proactive transmission planning of a macrogrid. This expansion is needed to support very high levels of clean electricity.

“A future energy system that is affordable, reliable, and clean will require a tremendous expansion of our transmission system, and planning for transmission at a national level will deliver large efficiencies in siting, permitting, and cost,” said Debra Lew, ESIG associate director. “This report discusses a national-scale HVDC macrogrid that could be built over and interconnected into the existing AC grid—infrastructure that would enable massive interconnection of clean energy resources, provide economic benefits by facilitating the use of the most economically attractive resources, and confer resilience to extreme events.”

Learn more and access the free report on ESIG’s website.

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