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ATIS Releases White Paper on 6G Technologies


ATIS has released a white paper through its Next G Alliance with recommendations forecasting the technologies needed to advance the future of 6G, and the areas where further research is needed.

“Next G Alliance: 6G Technologies” names specific technologies that are needed to attain the National 6G Roadmap. The report offers an overview of 47 key 6G candidates in areas including component technologies, radio technologies, trustworthiness (security, reliability, privacy, and resilience), system and network architecture, and more.

“This new report provides one of the industry’s first strategic looks at the technologies and research needed to deliver the yet-to-be-developed innovations that will position North America as a leader in 6G,” said ATIS president and CEO Susan Miller. “While many of the innovations presented are starting to be discussed in 5G, they will likely not reach their full potential until 6G. Others represent fundamental departures from previous concepts and architectures. Discussions for these new areas are also taking place now through ATIS’ Next G Alliance.”

See the ATIS news item to learn more and access the report at no cost.

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