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UL Solutions Offers Safety Information to Prevent Forklift and Pedestrian Accidents


UL Solutions has published a list of safety tips that can help forklift operators and pedestrians avoid incidents in the workplace.

The checklist divides tips into guidance for pedestrians, forklift operators, and employers, including:

  • Pedestrians: Use designated pedestrian paths, avoid shortcuts through vision-obscuring equipment, and beware of floor hazards like water or sawdust that may affect the forklift’s ability to stop or maneuver safety
  • Forklift operators: Sound the horn when approaching aisles or corners, reduce speed in dimly lit or congested areas, and always give pedestrians the right of way
  • Employers: Restrict non-essential personnel from warehouses, ensure all employees (not just operators) are trained on the hazards of forklifts, and mark clear pedestrian paths

Read more tips for pedestrians, forklift operators, and employers in the UL Solutions news item.

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