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GBI Posts Recorded Webinar on Biophilic Design and Data for Healthy Buildings


The Green Building Initiative (GBI) offers all interested stakeholder free access to a webinar on-demand about using innovative approaches to creating more sustainable spaces, including biophilic design and data.

Biophilic design strives to connect its occupants to the natural environment by using natural elements and space considerations in the built environment. Natural materials, natural light, vegetation, nature views, and similar features may be incorporated into buildings and landscapes.

The webinar will detail the latest innovative approaches that can create more sustainable spaces with value for tenants and owners; how data is used to make informed decisions that balance sustainability, wellness, and financial goals; important considerations for developers, designers, and building owners exploring wellness initiatives; and how biophilic design and improve occupant health and wellness.

Visit GBI’s website to view the recorded webinar.

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