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ASSP Article Explores the Role of Empathy in Safety Programs


The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) recently published an article on the use of empathy in the workplace, and its impact on safety practices and programs.

In addition to affecting leadership, teamwork, and company culture, empathy can also help organizations adopt high-reliability practices. Organizations may consider designating a safety committee through which employees can express thoughts and recommendations for a better safety culture. Employers can also conduct a hazard analysis, allowing them to hear perspectives from their own employees dealing with hazards. Empathy can support safety regulations as well, aligning with the “psychologically safe workplace” addressed in ISO 45003.

Read more about opportunities for empathy in a safety program, empathy and safety regulations, and potential errors in practicing empathy in the ASSP article: Why Empathy Should Be the Cornerstone of Your Safety Program

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