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SAE Receives Grant to Accelerate Supply Chains for Critical Minerals


SAE Government Technologies (SAE GT), along with a consortium of companies, has received a $4M+ grant from the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC) to accelerate the development of domestic manufacturing supply chains for critical minerals.

The project will support parallel development with other organizations to achieve commercial capacities of critical minerals. SAE GT’s first initiative through the grant is to harvest scandium from waste streams in the US with technical partner Anactisis through a consortium-based approach to project execution.

“This grant award from the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation demonstrates the importance of critical material supply chain resiliency for aerospace and defense applications. SAE Government Technologies continues its commitment to facilitate collaboration across government, industry, and academia remaining consistent with SAE’s overarching the mission to advance mobility knowledge and solutions for humanity,” said Brandon Card, SAE Government Technologies president.

SAE GT is an affiliate of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia, which is an affiliate of SAE International. Read more in the SAE news item.

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