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WQA Offers Drinking Water Safety Measures After Train Derailment


The Water Quality Association (WQA) has published temporary drinking water safety measures in the wake of a recent train derailment and chemical release in East Palestine, Ohio.

WQA advises residents using public water supplies to be alert for any notices from their local water company, and well owners in the area to test their systems and seek appropriate remedies as soon as possible. Additionally, residents with vulnerable people in their homes—young children, pregnant women, the elderly, or the ill—or others with concerns can use bottled water for drinking or cooking as a temporary measure. WQA also suggests a three-step process of consulting with a local water quality expert, testing the home’s water for contaminants, and then seeking products certified to treat those contaminants, among other recommendations.

“Possible groundwater contamination is a concern, especially for residents on private well supplies,” said Eric Yeggy, WQA technical affairs director. “And homeowners who get their water from municipal water systems should be alert for any instructions issued by their local officials.”

Access additional tips on WQA’s website.

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