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IAPMO Publishes Coloring Book on Women Plumbers’ Contributions


IAPMO has published a children’s coloring book that aims to shift perceptions of plumbing careers with young girls: “My Mom Is a Plumbing Superhero.”

The coloring book, developed in partnership with plumber Judaline Cassidy, illustrates the breadth of plumbing work, from advanced water technologies that mitigate the effects of drought and natural disasters, to the pipes and systems that provide clean water, steam heat, gas lines, and more. Only 2.1% of plumbers are women; the book carries the message to children that plumbing careers are not gendered.

“Awareness is key,” Cassidy said. “If young women and girls don’t know what plumbers actually do or how lucrative and rewarding a career in plumbing is, how can we expect them to consider, much less pursue, this path? It's exciting for me to collaborate with IAPMO on such a fun project that will not only change what people think about plumbing but will show them that plumbers come in all genders and statures.”

The book is available as a free PDF download, and qualifying organizations can order printed copies at cost. See IAPMO’s news item to learn more and access the coloring book.

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