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ATIS’s Next G Alliance Releases Reports, Announces Webinar on Sustainable 6G Future


Next G Alliance (NGA), an ATIS initiative, has released two new reports focusing on sustainable 6G connectivity and AI-native wireless networks. The research is part of a series of reports that support the NGA’s “Six Audacious Goals,” which aim to prioritize North America’s contribution and leadership in 6G-related global standards, deployments, products, operations, and services.

Sustainable 6G Connectivity: A Powerful Means of Doing Good surveys the research and technology directions required to make the vision of a sustainable 6G system a reality. The report describes a holistic approach towards achieving a sustainable 6G system, covering the full environmental impact of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

AI-Native Wireless Networks surveys the research and technology directions required to make the vision of an AI-native wireless network a reality, a major feature of the next generation wireless network. The report provides insights into the driving forces, technical challenges, and research directions required to make AI-native wireless networks a reality, such as AI/ML model lifecycle management, performance evaluation and interpretation, training data availability, and security and privacy.

As part of its effort to expand on these these issues, NGA will host a webinar on May 9 from 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET on “Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability in 6G.”

The session will also explore:

  • challenges and opportunities for five key societal and economic outcomes—digital equity, trust, sustainability, economic growth, and quality of life—and how they relate to 6G development in North America, and


  • environmental sustainability KPIs and their applicability to 6G ecosystem components, including the Radio Access Network (RAN), Core Network (CN), cloud and data centers, end user devices, and supply chain to manage progress towards achieving the Net Zero.

Register for the webinar on the Next G Alliance website.

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