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ATIS Announces White Paper: Network-Enabled Robotic and Autonomous Systems


ATIS’ Next G Alliance recently released a white paper: “Network-Enabled Robotic and Autonomous Systems.” The publication provides insights on how the integration of advanced communications technology in autonomous and robotic systems will transform industries, including logistics, transportation, manufacturing, education, and healthcare, among other sectors. 

The research also looks at the 5G mobile technology poised to have the greatest impact on robotic and autonomous systems, and the implications of combining this technology with future 6G technologies and applications. The paper showcases service scenarios of individual robots or a group of robots that have autonomous decision-making capabilities. Examples include delivery robots; autonomous driving; “cobots,” or collaborative robots in smart factory settings; “SOBOTs,” or personal assistance service robots; and other areas of robotics.

“The future success of robotics and autonomous systems largely depends on development of advanced communication systems to support these technologies,” said Next G Alliance managing director Mike Nawrocki. “With this paper, the Next G Alliance takes a forefront look at how—from everyday living to transportation to industrial manufacturing—intelligent compute and communication between systems and humans will be crucial to ensuring safety, efficiency, accuracy, privacy, and resilience in the robotic world to support human needs.”

Access the white paper on the ATIS website.

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