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UL Solutions Webinar to Review Safety Standards for EV Charging Systems


UL Solutions will host a webinar to provide an overview of the latest safety standards for electric vehicle (EV) charging systems.

This webinar on June 14 will give an overview of safety standards based on the published documentation on electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, including UL, IEC, and TR25-1 standards, to help manufacturers understand which standard will be used to evaluate their EV charging system products.

“Over the last decade, the growth of electric mobility has continued to increase on a global scale. Safety is a foundational element of any successful and sustainable technological deployment and must continue to be actively addressed to support emerging needs,” according to UL Solutions.

The session will cover the following topics:

  • UL Standards evaluation requirements for EV supply equipment
  • IEC standards evaluation requirements for EV supply equipment
  • TR25-1 evaluation requirements for EV supply equipment
  • EV supply equipment testing capacity

Register for the webinar via UL Solutions.

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