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ASTM and USP Webinar in June to Cover Medical Cannabis Product Quality


ASTM International and U.S. Pharmacopeia will host a webinar to identify needs and challenges related to cannabis quality. The session is intended to improve stakeholders’ understanding of the impact and purpose of harmonization of specifications on industry, regulatory, and laboratory aspects of cannabis quality. The session is relevant to all cannabis industry stakeholders, professionals, and regulators.

The webinar will build on a 2022 workshop on cannabis quality that included contributions and feedback from regulators, standards groups, industry, and testing labs from the Americas and Europe. During the 2022 session, approximately 500 global delegates discussed standards and guidelines from the major pharmacopeias and standards organizations as well as regulatory bodies and industry to help address the challenges related to cannabis quality.

The webinar will broaden the conversation on cannabis quality, with session participants representing sub-Saharan Africa, Oceania, and Southeast Asia, to assure a global and collaborative approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities in harmonizing standards for international trade.

Key takeaways will include:

  • discussion on the findings of previous workshop and overview of the impact at the global level;
  • discussions between global organizations and national stakeholders to identify needs and challenges related to cannabis quality; and
  • an examination of areas of global data gaps to inform future research needs and the scientific basis for standards to explore potential harmonization amongst the standards groups across the globe.

Register for the June 22, 2023, webinar and access more information on ASTM’s website.

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