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IPC Webinar: Using Technology to Reduce Errors in Wire Harness Production


IPC will host a webinar on the technologies available to the wiring harness industry to help assemblers be more effective in producing error-free harnesses quicker and more efficiently. The session is open to anyone with an interest in improving quality and increasing productivity in their wire harness operations.

Webinar host Scott Ruland, director of engineering at DIT-MCO, will discuss several topics, including:

  • guided insertion of seal plugs and pinned wires;
  • eliminating errors during first-end wire harness assembly;
  • partial harness testing during assembly;
  • rapid continuity testing;
  • troubleshooting and error correction;
  • full verification testing; and
  • test results and reporting.

Part of the presentation will focus on a new technology that is being introduced to the industry at the show. Register for the June 27 session via IPC’s webpage.

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